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Swisspers Heritage

Swisspers Heritage

For over a decade, Swisspers has been known for its expertise in pure, gentle cleansing. With a heritage in market-leading pure cotton products, Swisspers is known for gentle and effective facial cleansing. Always innovating, Swisspers creates products that help you care for your body and skin.


Swisspers takes environmental responsibility very seriously and we are working on projects to refine and improve the environmental footprint of our products.

As a result, we are proud to launch our newest cotton tip made with paper stems, instead of plastic stems. These new paper stem cotton tips are superior in performance with strong, stiff stems that offer more control. We ensure our paper is sustainably sourced by only purchasing FSC Mix Certified paper. We know that consumers value water resistance in the cotton tips packaging, so we have launched this product in a resealable plastic bag that uses over 90% less plastic than a comparably sized hard tub.

Swisspers Sustainability